About Advertising

Astronomy-Mall is an advertiser's cooperative.

As a member, your ideas and success come first.
Suggest improvements and we will do our best to impliment them.

Costs for becoming a co-op member are inexpensive, simple and straightforward:

Click-Through Program:
    • Month to month commitments only. No long term sign-up required.
    • Your web page is linked in the supporters menu at left.
    • No bill unless a set minimum click-through threshold is met each month.
    • Billed by actual click-throughs from Astronomy-Mall to your web spage.
    • A "not to exceed" cap price keeps this program inexpensive.
    • You may offset costs by having a link back to Astronomy-Mall from your web page.

Set Price Program:

    • Your web-page is linked in the supporters menu at left
    • Your entire Home Page (or other page) displays here, in rotation with other Set Price member web pages, ready for click-throughs.
    • Month to month commitments, but discounts are available for longer term prepaid.

Contact us for details.