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Dobsonian Mounts
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Standard Mounts

Solid Mount Kits for 6" f/8, 8" f/6 and 10" f/4.7 telescopes.

Mounts are preset size. Upon receiving your order we will custom cut interior bearing braces to precisely fit your tube's outside diameter arc. This pdf is a sample 8". Tubes are max 48" length. For other width or height needs please see custom mounts.

Fitting requirement maximums:

Telescope size
Tube maximum diameter
Rocker box swing through room.

Mount construction: Internal dowels in predrilled holes connect the front board, side boards and bottom board making them immovable while providing strength and stiffness. Boards are also screwed together with #12 wood screws hiding the dowels and lockng them in place. Wood parts arrive rough sanded using 80 grit.

Altitude bearing construction: Tube facing side of each bearing has two attached curved braces custom cut to the diameter of your telescope tube. A 3/8" diameter hole through the center of the bearing is for a 3/8" bolt, which passes through the bearing and into the telescope tube, clamping the bearings securely to the tube. Use a washer and nut on the 3/8" bolt clamps the bearing inside the tube. Bearings ride on supports inside the sideboard walls, preventing lateral slippage and allowing mount and telescope to be lifted as a single unit. Bearings sizes: 6" telescope, 7.5". 8" telescope, 9.5". 10" telescope, 11.5".

All parts included: 18mm Baltic Birch plywood mount parts, dowels, screws and other necessary hardware except 3/8" bolt assembly. Bearing surfaces virgin Teflon and
Formica laminate Crystal 909. All screw holes predrilled and countersunk. Required items: 3/8" bolt, washer, nut, sandpaper, Philips screwdriver, wood glue, wood putty, contact cement, paint/finish.

Kit Size
Tube Diameter.