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If you are looking for something not offered on our web-site, I am interested in hearing from you. I've been designing and manufacturing parts for telescopes has been an over 20 year endeavor. Send a sketch or dimensioned drawing, even just describe your need and if feasible you'll receive a price and delivery quote based on time and materials.

Thank you,        
Mark Wagner   

Who Am I?

I've been involved in amateur astronomy for over 40 years. I bring my experience designing and manufacturing telescope parts for customers and friends, and introducing newcomers to the hobby.

I am most proud of time spent in the hobby with daughter, seeing her interest in astronomy grow, and how it gave her a curious mind. She always had her hands on the telescope and became widely known after my report about her as The Messier Monster appeared on Sky and Telescope's September 2000 magazine cover. Mimi at age 10 was pushing me off my 20" telescope so she could play with the big kids. She wanted increasingly bigger telescopes - "an inch a year" - which quickly got out of hand. Now she's raising her own Messier Monster.

I now spend time at dark skies with an 18" telescope, and use the 10" seen here on the Kydex Light Baffles page from home near San Francisco California.

I've been a member of numerous astronomy clubs, and current membr of the Fremont Peak Observatory Association. I've been on club's boards of directors, and club president.

With the help of friends I began two regional star parties in Californian during the 1990's: the Golden State Star Party (started in the mid-90's as the Mount Lassen Star Party), and little "under the radar" CalStar. Both star parties continue, hosted by our (now incorporated) mailing list, which we began cobbling together with rudimentary programming in 1993. That list became The Astronomy Connection or "TAC", as we "TACos" call it. TAC still lives after all these new moon weekends, as one observer says "on the mountaintops."

I am very fortunate to have friends with big telescopes in very dark skies away from California's big city light domes. I also get to spend time at Lick Observatory, both as an employee and volunetter for their programs. Astronomy has been and continues to be my most passionate hobby interest.

Aside from TAC, I am involved with Adventures In Deep Space, and the NGC/IC Project. My favorite astro-trip was in 2005, taking my 10" telescope to Chile. Observing there was documented by Ray Cash. The other great trip was to West Texas, to visit the McDonald Observatory and tour it with the chief astronomer, arranged by my friends Jimi Lowrey and Steve Gottlieb.

Finally, I enjoy being able to write astronomy content, specifically what to observe, for a major astronomly manufacturer and woldwide distributor. I consider myself lucky.

Astronomy is a wonderful life long interest. Building parts for other amateurs is the cherry on top!

- Mark