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Customer Comments With Photos Updated 10/22/19
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Customer Comments With Photos.

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2019 - Solid Mount with Clamshell Riongs and Altitude Bearings Kit

Hi Mark:

I thought you might be interested to know that I’ve now got your mount paired up with a matching equatorial platform and working well. Life is good!

2019 - Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings Kit

Paul assembled and finished this kit for a 10" Dob, and sent several photos. His comment about the internal hidden dowels and predrilled holes highlight part of our new stiffness design upgrades which include 3/8" dowels between the side, front and rocker box bottom boards, bracing between front and side boards, and moving the altitude bearings inside the side boards to capture them and avoid unwanted lateral slip.

"I have finished the mount . It looks terrific. I particularly like the dowels and holes."

- Paul B.

2019 - Tripod Adapted Solid Mount and Altitude Bearings

Lisa W. contacted us requesting a Dob mount that would fit her CG4 tripod. Her idea was to have a grab-and-go setup that would allow winter observing with her 6" Newtonian, off the ground, out of the snow, at a comfortable height, and to have it removable for use as a table-top telescope. Hat's off to Lisa for this great idea!

This is what we came up with. The larger round bottom board is the adapter to allow use on the CG4, yet removable so the mount functions also as a standard Dobsonian.

"Just beautiful! That is one good looking mount. It fits the CG4 like a glove, is buttery smooth, rock solid and is the perfect height for me for viewing while standing (I’m 5’10”). I couldn’t be happier. Thanks a bunch Mark, I look forward to working with you again sometime!"

Lisa W.

2019 - Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings.

Takahashi MT-160. Here we are testing the new strips of Formica Crystal 909-42 material.

" It looks great! Can't wait to take it for a test run."

- S.C.


2019 - Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings Altitude Bearings Finished:

This mount was built for a heavy MN66 Mak-Newt, so we worked with the buyer to sufficiently stiffen with both internal and external bracing. Our collaboration continued even after the mount was delivered in order to test and adjust the stiffness.

"I did the upgrades last weekend and tested several times during the week. I'm glad to report that the mount works fine now. Looks great too."


2019 - Solid Mount with Altitude Bearings kit..

Here is Will's finished 10" SkyWatcher. He asked for the ground board to be completely under the rocker box, which makes it more compact for travel. Notice the offset mounting of the bearings and nice eyepiece holders inside the front board.

"I confirm that the tube now balances nicely. There is no problem collapsing the tube with the larger, offset bearings and show how much bulkier the stock mount is (the stock mount does result in the eyepiece being a few inches higher but the difference is not much, and I actually prefer it slightly lower for my usual chair)."

- Will

2019 - Collapsible Mount with Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings kit.

"Finished the scope this. Thanks for your help. My 3 granddaughters and I painted out Zodiac signs on the scope and mounted the optics this weekend. Having your mount available made the job a lot easier for me."

- Mark N.

2019 - Big Bearings replacing 5" factory bearings kit.

"Was able to use the SkyWatcher Dob with the Big Bearings upgrade. Super smooth motions in alt. Very happy with the results so far."

- Greg W.

2018 - Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings, Altitude Bearings and Tube End Rings finished.

"Mark worked tirelessly with me on my mount project. I had many ideas for customization and changes that I wanted to make and he worked with me on every single aspect of it. He would not rest until I was satisfied and his attention to detail and commitment to his customers is truly amazing. Thank you again for everything you did, Mark. I am truly grateful and very happy with my mount."

- Patrick Sutton

2018 - Collapsible mount with clamshell rings and altitude bearings kit.


Thanks, you guys do great work."

- Pete Mazzone

2018 - Solid Mount finished.

"Thanks Mark, you know I have never left the scope in the living room. The black wood mount just did not look living room worthy. Beyond functionality and weight, your mount looks great and I am happy to have in the room now. Will be sure to let folks know where it came from.

I know this is about the most simple mount you make, but it is still a great change for this scope and I am glad I finally did it. It is so much lighter, and a heck of a lot nicer than the standard mounts that come with these or any similar scope."

- Douglas M

2017 - Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings kit.

"Hi Mark,

The telescope is working very well. I added encoders to use with my Argo Navis. You did a very nice job on the mount as the pointing accuracy is very good. The scope is an Orion ( English) VX10L, 10" f/6.3. Thank you for all your help with this project. I am happy to recommend your products and services."

- Ellis

2016 - Collapsible Mount and Altitude Bearings kit:

"Mount works perfectly, going from zero to slightly over 90 degress. Altitude movement is silk smooth; azimutal movement is firm and precise. Mount height and tube clearance were spot-on! There´s about one inch of clearance."

- Marcelo Ianini

Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings finished.

Ron asked for a replacement for his 10" Orion mount, and a clamshell with bearings 6" to fit the 10" mount. Two telescopes one mount!

"Stand arrived this evening. Great job! Looks super, works great. The most amazing part is that it weighs 1/1,000th the weight of the original Orion stand!! Geez!! The real reason that I wanted the mount, so I could put my 6" to good use also. I had no mount for it before, now it looks good enough to sell. BUT - I won't!!"

- Ron DeAngelis