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Mirror Cells
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Our standard cells are custom designed with supports optimized to each individual mirror's specifications. This contruction approach minimizes stresses in the glass which may distort and degrade the image
. We are now also offering a specialized retraining method that replaces normal mirror clip overhangs with a retaining ring, inset in the innner edge of the side supports. This serves three purposes: 1) eliminating defraction from angular intrustion over the mirror surface and providing a perfect circle. 2) Covering up any turned down edge (TDE) resulting in a sharp image. 3) An opening too small for the mirror accidentally slip out. The retaining ring is a choice you can select for a nominal cost.

6" mirror cells have felt pads at the three calculated support positions. 8"-13.1" mirror cells have six-point calculated supports. Kits arrive rough sanded with all parts. You fine sand, paint wood parts. Assembly is easy. Finished cells arrive painted, assembled and ready to use.

Standard Mirror Cells

Minimum Tube ID
 6.0" Kit
0.8 lbs.
 8.0" to 13.1" Kit 
1.0 - 2.25 lbs.
Fit to your tube
 8.0" to 13.1" Finished 
1.0 - 2.25 lbs.
Varies by mirror
Minimum height between cell's top and bottom plate 1.875"
Cell 0.25" mounting holes are 0.354" from rear of back plate.

Primary Mirror Size

Your Mirror's Specifications: After placing an order you are automatically transferred to a dimensions form asking: (1) mirror diameter, (2) mirror thickness, (3) focal length or ratio, (4) secondary size.

Rear cell plate can be modified to match larger tube inside diameters. Check the appropriate box on the form after ordering. Add $30.
Standard 8" - 12.5" Optimized 6 Point Flotation
Standard 6" Optimized 3 Point.

Top row: 10" f/5.8 1.6" thick mirror standard cell kit in process.

Bottom row: 13.1" f/4.5 0.625" thick miror standard cell for 16" I.D. tube, in process nearing completion and black painting.