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Altitude Bearings
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The Fix For Small Bearings.

Big Bearings provide smoother motion and finer incremental control than small factory bearings, while providing better balance without gimmicky springs or clamps. These drop-in replacements in many cases just screw into your existing mount. E-mail us a photo of your existing bearings, we'll ask a few dimensions to design specificaly to your requirement.

Big Bearings options.

Standard Bearings for Tubes, Mirror Boxes or EQ Tube Rings.
Standard bearings are up to 12" diameter. Inside facing braces are cut custom to fit your tube's outside diameter. Lock to your tube using a 3/8" bolt through the center hole which clamps the curved braces to the tube.

Equatorially mounted Newtonians or SCTs can use their existing rings attach bearings for Dobsonian mounting. Available with or without supports (see supports below). Kits arrive rough sanded and assembled with bearing laminate. Finished arrive ready to use.

Bearing options:
Bearing surface diameter?
Tube diameter, or mirror box mount?
Bearings for Large Tubes, Mirror Boxes or EQ Tube Rings.
Bearings from 12" to 23" for mounting on flat sided mirror boxes or fitting to telescope tubes using inside braces as shown (clamps to tube using 3/8" center bolt). Kits are rough sanded and assembled but not spray finished. Bearing laminate strip included. These also can be used on your existing equatorial tube rings. We also offer supports for bearings (see below).

Bearing options:
Bearing surface diameter?
Tube diameter, or mirror box mount?

Bearing Supports
Bearing supports any size from 8" to 23" bearings. Includes Teflon pads and screws. Kits come rough sanded (80 grit), finished is sprayed with red tinted water based polymer for a seal.
Bearing Supports. Price is per set.