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Streetlight Baffles
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Keep stray light out of your tube and focuser.

First generation light baffle - multi-piece.
Current version is CNC cut as one-piece shown in diagram below.

Price for this example would be $28.50.

Light baffles are one piece with slots that fit over the ends of your secondary spider vanes. Baffle closes into a cylinder using a Velcro strip to secure the ends and Velcro tabs to attach inside your tube. We design for both three and four vane spiders and varying widths. Kydex is waterproof and rugged. Baffles runs are done every three weeks.

Calculate the price for a baffle fitting your telescope by the baffle's square inches based its overall rectangular shape. The baffle shown above price is calculate here:

10.33" height (inlcuding the 1.5" below the spider vane).

37.34" width. (Width calculation: measure inside tube diameter, multiply by 3.1415 and add 2" for Velcro overlap).

385.722 square inches (10.34" x 37.34").
$28.50 cost for this baffle.

E-mail your dimensions, we'll confirm price and send you a PayPal invoice.