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Teflon and Bearing Laminate
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Azimuth Bearing Laminate Rings
Black Formica laminate Crystal 42
(1) Select the appropriate maximum outside diameter range:
(2) Provide the actual outside diameter (OD) we should cut your ring:
(3) Provide the ring width up to 1.5 inches.

Altitude Bearing 48" Strips
Black Formica laminate Crystal 42

Altitude pads

Azimuth pads

Virgin Teflon Pads
Shipping to continental USA included in price.

Three sizes of pads available. All are predrilled and countersunk with #6 flathead scews included.

0.75"x1.00" Altitude pads.
1.00"x1.00" Altitude pads.
1.25"x1.25" azimuth pads.

When you order an Azimuth Bearing Ring and 1.25"x1.25" teflon azimuth pads, we will size the teflon pad width to your ordered azimuth ring width.