Sharpless 2-162 (NGC 7635 = Bubble)

17.5: the "Bubble Nebula" nebula extends mainly N [center 5.5' NE] of the involved illuminating mag 8.4 star SAO 20575. There are suspected dark lanes to the N with very faint nebulosity just N of this gap. The main piece curves away from the involved star towards the E but appears brightest at the W edge near the bright star. Only a portion of the rim of the "Bubble" was viewed. M52 lies 35' NE.

13: unusual appearance - surrounds a mag 8 star with a mag 7 star nearby to the SW. The nebulosity mostly appears N of the mag 8 star with a suspected dark lane to the N of this nebulosity. Very faint nebulosity appears close N of this lane. The main section hooks around the involved star to the E. - Steve Gottlieb