Sharpless 2-142 (NGC 7380))

17.5: at 100x, about 40 stars in a 10' diameter. The brighter stars form a "V" or chevron pattern. The brightest star is at the W tip of the "V" and is an unequal double mag 8.6/13. The cluster appears to be encased in nebulosity especially from the mag 8.6 star to the star at the E tip of the "V". Using an OIII filter the nebulosity is quite prominent with some structure and encases the entire cluster. A lane of nebulosity oriented SW-NE extends beyond the cluster from the star at the E end of the "V" and nebulosity also extends W of the mag 8.6 star. Double star O...480 = 7.6/8.6 at 30" is in the field to the W.

17.5: The large emission complex NGC 7380 is a snap to identify at 100x with both OIII and UHCfilters as a bright triangular-shaped nebulosity, 8'-10' diameter which is superimposed on a rich grouping of stars within a striking milky way field. The brightest mag 8.5 star (very unequal double) is at the west vertex. Also fascinating was a wide strip of nebulosity attached near the SE vertex and extends to the SW. A dark band appears to separate this strip from the triangular patch. The surrounding region appears weakly nebulous and the "edge" can be traced with some certainty a ways to the north. - Steve Gottlieb