Imaging Globular Clusters in M31

Globular Clusters in M31
The Brightest Globular in M31
Atlas of the Andromeda Galaxy

Mayall II (G1)
Three amateur astronomers at the Ferguson Observatory in Northern California have begun an interesting project: imaging regions in M31 and identifying the globular clusters. These are some of their early results. (Click on the thumbnail for the complete CCD image.)

This is the region southeast of the bright star cloud NGC 206. At mag (V) = 14.2, G76 is one of the brighter globulars in M31 after Mayall II (G1). G71 is the faintest globular identified on the CCD image at mag (V) = 17.5.
These are globular clusters associated with NGC 205 (M110), one of the dwarf elliptical companions of M31. By far the brightest is G73 at mag (V) = 15.0. The others are very difficult visual targets, with magnitudes ranging from 16.6 (G63) to 18.5 (G54).
This is the region southwest of M32. The brightest globular in this region is G119 at mag (V) = 15.0. The other globulars shown are difficult targets, with magnitudes ranging from 16.8 (G142) to 17.5 (G118). (Identifications added by editor.)

Observation Site: Ferguson Observatory, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (near Kenwood, CA).
Observers: Victoria Brown, Christine Churchill, & Mike Dickerson.
Camera: CB245 cookbook ccd
Telescope: Fruth 14" Newtonian.
Exposure: 16 x 60 second stacked images.
Field of View: Approx. 9'x11'