Arp Sampler 2

ARP 114 (NGC 2276/2300)
Elliptical Perturbing Spiral in Cepheus

N2276 = U03740 = M+14-04-028 = Arp 114 = 7Z 134
13: diffuse, slightly elongated. Located 2.2' ENE of mag 8.4 SAO 1148 which interferes with viewing. Three mag 11 stars also in line with the 8.4 star to the S including a mag 11.5 star just 1.4' SW. Forms a pair with N2300 6.4' ESE.
8: faint, moderately large, low surface brightness, slightly elongated. A mag 9 star is near.

N2300 = U03798 = M+14-04-031 = Arp 114
13: fairly bright, bright core, small fainter halo. Forms a pair with N2276 7' W. IC 455 is 11' SSE.
8: moderately bright, small, bright core, slightly elongated.

ARP 135 (NGC 1023)
Elliptical Galaxy with Nearby Fragments in Perseus

N1023 = U02154 = M+06-06-073 = Z523-083
17.5: bright, large, very elongated 7:2 ~E-W, very bright core, almost stellar nucleus. Large fainter halo increases size to 7'x2'. Two 15th magnitude stars are superimposed on the W and E ends.
13: very bright, impressive, elongated ~E-W, bright core, stellar nucleus.
8: fairly bright, bulging bright core, lens-shape.

ARP 157 (NGC 520)
Disturbed Galaxy with Interior Absorption in Pisces

N0520 = U00966 = M+01-04-052 = Arp 157 = VV 231
17.5: fairly bright, moderately large, elongated 5:2 NW-SE, 3.0'x1.2'. Very unusual appearance; the NW portion is noticeably brighter with a bright knot at the NW tip and a mottled texture. Fades towards the SE where it merges into a fainter section which is tilted ~E-W with an irregular surface brightness and ill-defined edges.
8: faint, diffuse, elongated N-S.

ARP 199 (NGC 5544/45)
The X-Rated Galaxy
Galaxy with Material Ejected from Nucleus in Bootes

N5544 = U09142 = M+06-31-090 = Z191-073w = Arp 199 = VV 21014
17.5: very elongated streak WSW-ENE, moderately large, uneven surface brightness. This is a contact pair appearing as two brighter knots at the SW end (actually N5544) and the NE end (N5545).

N5545 = U09143 = M+06-31-091 = Z191-073e = Arp 199 = VV 21014
17.5: double system elongated WSW-ENE and attached to N5544 at the WSW end, 0.6' between centers. Appears larger than N5544. The two systems are separated by just a small darker region of lower surface brightness but are not cleanly resolved.

ARP 217 (NGC 3310)
The Bow & Arrow
Galaxy with Adjacent Loops in Ursa Major

N3310 = U05786 = M+09-18-008 = Arp 217
17.5: very bright, moderately large. Unusual appearance as contains a very bright, very large central core with uniform high surface brightness with only a very faint fairly small halo elongated NW-SE. Mag 5.5 HR 4165 lies 10.4' NNE at the edge of the 220x field and a mag 12 star is 3.0' N.

ARP 242 (NGC 4676/76B)
The Mice
Galaxy with Appearance of Fission in Coma Berenices

N4676 = U07938 = M+05-30-076 = Z159-072w = VV 224 = Arp 242 = IC 819 = The Mice = (R)N4676A
17.5: this is the NW member of the interacting pair dubbed "The Mice". Faint, small, low surface brightness, elongated ~N-S. In contact with N4676B = IC 820 at the SE end. The thin "tails" visible on photos not seen.

N4676B = U07939 = M+05-30-077 = Z159-072e = IC 820 = The Mice
17.5: this is the SE member of the interacting pair dubbed the "Mice". This object is the brighter of the pair and appears faint, small, round with a small bright core. In contact with N4676A at the NW edge.

ARP 263 (NGC 3239)
Galaxy with Irregular Clumps in Leo

N3239 = U05637 = M+03-27-025 = Arp 263
17.5: fairly faint, moderately large, elongated 2:1 E-W, very unusual appearance as a mag 9 star (BD+17 2217) is superimposed on the S side. An unusually bright knot is following the bright star by 51" on the SE side of the galaxy. This is possibly an offset nucleus or a close double star. The galaxy appears to extend to the W from this knot. Exhibits an irregular surface brightness with edges difficult to define as fades into the background. The halo is more extensive to the N with averted vision. About 2' NE and 2' W are two mag 11 and 12 stars.