1stBase Custom Mounts and Rings

"I'm quite pleased with the mount. It's nicely built, very solid, has a superb finish, and will be very easy to maintain. It's also a great size, especially as regards footprint, center of gravity, and stability. And that's just what I wanted as I plan to do lots of sidewalk astronomy with this scope."


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Equatorially mounted Newtonain
with stiffening end rings.

"Finally completed my scope and I am very pleased with your craftsmanship,Fit and finish are first rate.

Was able to mount the rings perfectly,also added some things to the exterior but kept in mind that I still wanted a foldable dob base so everything went into brass threaded wood inserts and thumb screws.

I made the split blocks for the stalk, everything looks great."


Collapsible mount with rings and oversized altitude bearings.

"Attached is a photo of my telescope with your mount. It is a really well-made mount, and I can smoothly handle it with over 300x. Thank you again for your making this good mount."

Japanese amateur

"Thought you would like to know everything got here okay and looks great. I enclosed some pictures. The large altitude bearings work really nice."



Meade Lightbridge
in the workshop.
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"I love the base and
so does my family"



The base arrived last night. It assembled easily and the scope fit perfectly with 1/4" felt. The motion is excellent and the balnce is very good. Nice fit & finish all around. Of course it's cloudy and starting to snow! I'll do a longer review soon, but I am definitely a satisfied customer."


"Hi Mark: Just to let you know the base arrived safely today. Wow!!! It's beautiful and the movements are so smooth. I haven't attached the hardware and locks yet, but will email you a photo when I do.

Thanks for a great product."


"Base arrived safely on schedule last week. I put it together on Sunday and mounted scope. It looks and works great. Thanks,"


"The base arrived today and I tried everything out this evening...works great. Thanks,"


"I'm very happy with the mount. The motion was very smooth, yet rigid enough to keep the OTA in place. I could change to different eyepieces without the weight differintail affecting the balance. The eyepiece height is absolutely perfect. It was comfortable in every position.

Oh the Sky Commander, I'm astounded at its accuracy. I was on the front driveway. Didn't bother with any leveling, as I've always heard that it's not super critical unless you're way off. Did a 2 star aligment on Polaris and Sirius with a 12mm Nagler, and every object I went to was dead on. This is all better than I expected. Great Job."


"I picked up the 8" f/6 Dobsonian mount yesterday. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I attached the OTA to the rings and mounted the scope on the Dob base for inside dry run. The measurements are perfect - the OTA clears the encoder by at least 1.5" at the balance point with a 31mm Televue Nagler (Heaviest eyepiece that I own) and movements are perfect. The mount is very ingenius and folds down to a very manageable size and weight. I'm very impressed!! Thanks for all your hard work."


"My package arrived in great shape Monday and I'm very pleased with your work. Looks great! Thank you."



"I am very happy with the mount. It is smooth operating."

John Stegert
(kit buyer)